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When do the clocks change in Lanzarote

Questions we are often asked by friends and family is “what time is it in Lanzarote?” and “Do the clocks go back in Lanzarote too?” Or “do you put the clocks forward in Lanzarote too?”

Despite being Spanish, the Canary Islands are far enough to the West to keep the same time as the UK and Ireland – GMT.

This being said, our clocks here also go backwards and forwards at the same time as them. So here’s an easy way to remember!

First of all – remember “Spring Forward… fall back”. This will remind you which direction they go in the spring and autumn.

In Spring – the clocks “spring” forward on the last Sunday in March – at 1am.

In Autumn – the clocks “fall” backwards on the last Sunday in October – at 1am.

Hope that helps for the future!

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