What Does it Take ?

What Does it Take ?

MountainMoving to, emigrating to, relocating to Lanzarote – whichever way you put it, it sounds a big deal. For some it is, for others, which I guess we fall into the category it´s easy. Everyone has their reasons. For us it was just a change of lifestyle we wanted – less work stress, less traffic, less crime, less taxes (UK taxes are just turning into extortion!), less of a lot of other things…!

Friends were sceptical, we’re sure some were thinking “they´ll be back with their tails between their legs”, and a good number of others were very quick to say “We wish we could do that”, as though somehow it was unthinkable.

Anybody can move overseas, to here, or anywhere else – but, you do need most of the following to succeed…

  • Some money behind you
  • Determination
  • A sense of adventure
  • Resilience
  • Flexibility
  • Some imagination
  • An open mind
  • …and some balls!

If you want something enough you can make it happen! But before taking the big step think long and hard its not just a pipe dream, and be ready for a bit of a rocky ride for a while…