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Weddings in Lanzarote – Harry and Lou

Despite the unpredictable weather in October 2008, a very happy day was enjoyed by many for the Lanzarote wedding of Harry Cowell (known as “Sir Harry” in the industry), and his lovely lady – Lou Mullen.

Frequent visitors to Lanzarote, Harry and Lou have a property in Costa Teguise, to which they try and escape as often as possible. Lanzarote is a real haven for them… giving them somewhere they can relax, soak up the sun, and get away from the hustle and bustle of their working lives. We originally “met” Harry on a Lanzarote forum, and built a friendship which then spilled over into real life when we met up with him, and his then girlfriend Lou, for the first time in the summer of 2008.

It was a little tense before the big day… as XL airways went bust, leaving many of the guests without flights. Fortunately most of the wedding guests managed to rebook. The wedding was held at the luxury Gran Melia Salinas hotel in Costa Teguise, which was designed by Cesar Manrique. The service was overseen by Rev’d Idris Vaughan – the Anglican Chaplain for Lanzarote and Furteventura.

Harry and Lou were quite overwhelmed at how wonderful the hotel management had been. The flowers and food were sensational, and they were also given the use of a luxury villa in the grounds of the hotel for two nights. Guests were treated to entertainment, including a magician who Harry and Lou had spotted on a previous trip to the Island

Sir HarrySir Harry got into the music business in 1980, as a drummer, touring with such legends as The Stranglers, and The Vapours. he was eventually approached by Genesis, and offered a position as a drum technician. From there he worked with many bands, including The Police, Ozzy Osbourne, and AC-DC. In 1986, he opened his own music studio… and this is where he worked with bands such as Manic Street Preachers, T’Pau, Captain Sensible and The Damned.

In 1991 Harry moved into Personal Management, and worked with some very high profile artists. These days, he is overseeing the management of independant singers, song writing, promotion, and production.

Lou MullenLou’s career has included session singing and songwriting,  with success in the Dance music industry. She is often commissioned to compose tunes for corporate companies, as well as people already within the music industry. Recently, Lou was commissioned to compose a song for Mr Superfly, the new figurehead character for Ryan Air. The resulting tune is perfect for the character, but irritatingly repetitive for the rest of us to get it stuck in our heads. The single has been released for ringtones, and you can pre-order the single online via the Superfly website. If you liked the Crazy Frog… then you’ll love this! Kids everywhere are already going nuts for this buzz from the winged hero.

Mr SuperflyPersonally – as much as we love Lou and Harry… we will never forgive them for their involvement in this… as even now I have the tune well and firmly wedged in my head. Grrr!

Seriously though – we wish the newly married couple all the very best of luck in their marriage, and with all their business ventures in the future. We look forward to seeing you soon for more drinkies and fun, Harry and Lou!

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