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Waterpark in Playa Blanca

For some time now, and certainly since we moved here a few years back… there have been various rumours about a waterpark being built in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. So it was with great excitement that we heard that “Paradise Island” was going to have one. Indeed, a number of travel companies started selling holidays on the premise of  a planned waterpark… and continue to do so as we speak. Two that have been named for this are Thomas Cook and Airtours.

However – after a number of threads on TripAdvisor (THIS one for example) where potential visitors to Playa Blanca are claiming to have been told by their tour operators that it will be open and running by Summer 2012 – we knew something wasn’t right. Planned is one thing – but people are telling us that they are being pushed into booking and are told that things are well underway. A number of TripAdvisor Destination Experts (myself included) were seriously concerned that the opening would not happen on time – and have expressed concern.  Some have even been told that it was already opened in January… or that the slides would be in place by March. Tosh!

So on Saturday this week, Alan went to photograph the site that we had been told was where the waterpark was going to be built. He also took a video. All of that is below. However, a friend in Playa Blanca informed us that the waterpark is not going to be at Paradise Island, but at Lanzasur. That threw the cat amongst the pigeons, but opened up new possibilities.

So off to Tripadvisor I went to share the news. Then it emerged that people had been told that Lanzasur waterpark was solely for its own guests, and not related to Paradise Island in any way (a TripAdvisor member has an email from Lanzasur that states this clearly)… whilst another forum member was told by Thomas Cook that the Paradise Island Waterpark was ONSITE.

Come on Thomas Cook – please clear this up once and for all. Is it on site? Or is it close to Lanzasur? Inside Paradise Island looks impossible without it being very small indeed. To the right of Paradise Island is impossible as that is residential (indeed we have friends who live in Vista Lobos… and I think they’d have been informed if their homes were being demolished for a waterpark).  Behind is not possible as there is only a small garden area and then more residential. To the left is not possible as that is Atlantic Gardens (yes, we have friends who own property there too). This only leaves the piece of ground immediately opposite – which is where the photos and video were taken on Saturday. If it is indeed on site… then perhaps your resort representatives could photograph the build to reassure your worried clients? Or possibly give us the coordinates, and we’ll go photograph it for you. (Update – finally we have received word that it is indeed at the rear of the hotel – onsite… so I have removed the video and photographs as they are incorrect).

Update: Thanks to LeylandSunaddict on Tripadvisor for this link to Airtours brochure that clearly discusses the waterpark. Click HERE

You can also see Thomas Cook’s answers in their forum HERE

Update: The Hotel owners responded publicly in the comments below. The Paradise Island is indeed within the grounds of the hotel itself. Had thse answers been given when originally asked – then customers would not be phoning,  emailing, and asking advice on public forums. The date of May 1st has been and gone… and so has mid May. Still waiting for updates… but it looks like it shouldn’t be too long now.

As you can see in the comments below… we were threatened with legal action. They suggested that this has led to a drop in sales. No – the refusal to answer questions for paying customers is what results in a drop in sales.  Threatening us with legal action is futile and irresponsible. I for one refuse to be bullied into silence. The hotel and holiday company should stand up and give their customers honest answers – they deserve it.

19 Responses to Waterpark in Playa Blanca

  • Nick says:

    The waterpark next to Lanzur is open to the public as well as guests.

  • Nick says:

    I was at the waterpark last week and it is very nice….a few cosmetic finishing touches (signs etc0 were being done but no problem. The park is well finished and has a nice quality. We have a house in the area and were worried that the tat that is the Teguise waterpark might be coming to the beautiful Playa Blanca area. I am happy to report that it has not and that the new waterpark maintains the quality of its surroundings and is a good asset to the area although a little noisy for its immediate neighbours. The adult price was €20 for the day

  • admin says:

    Yup – been open a couple of weeks now… and early reports are very positive. Have a good time!

  • katie monks says:

    i am going to the waterpark next week 21st june and the water park is open!

  • admin says:

    Hi Teresa. It’s not open yet… however I would think it would be open by July. It’s just a shame that the hotel has chosen not to come back and answer any more questons.

  • Teresa says:

    Have holiday booked for July on the knowledge that the hotel would have an onsite waterpark opened.As i have a family we chose this resort as there would be lots of entertainment.On reading these comments i am dissapointed and will be contacting my travel agent a.s.a.p.

  • I am very concerned as i have a holiday booked for July for my family and booked on the knowledge that the waterpark would be open.I chose this hotel with waterpark on site as stated in brochure so my kids would have plenty of entertainment and not be bored.

  • Elle says:

    Perhaps Paradise Island would like to give people an update on what is happening, given that the opening date has now passed?,9386.0.html

  • Steve Molloy says:

    I am de to be staying at the Paradise Island on the 20th of May 2112 for 7 nights, I am travelling with my Girlfirend and my 11 year old son. we booked on the understanding a water park would be available for use. My son would be very disappointed if this was not the case. I would like to Know whats going on.
    Why can people not be Honest about what is really happening?
    The local residents must be worried. They need to be kept informed fully, as it affects them more than any Tourists.

  • admin says:

    Hello Lorenzo.

    First of all – we would like to say thank you for taking the time to send us your press release… and therefore provide a straight answer to a straight question. As the above article and follow-up comments show, we have been asking for information from Thomas Cook… yet this was not provided until lunchtime today. Had Thomas Cook responded earlier, then conversations would not have continued. We have been polite at all times, and have offered our help with taking photographs and appeasing unhappy and worried customers. That offer of help has been ignored.

    We have been promoting Playa Blanca, and all it has to offer, extremely positively as a “must visit” destination for a number of years now, via a large variety of mediums, and are very keen to include the waterpark in this promotion when it opens. We are extremely excited about the prospect of such a fabulous addition to the tourist facilities in Playa Blanca. And now it would seem that we may have two? One adjacent to Lanzasur, and one “onsite” at your Paradise Island Hotel. We have asked for clarification that these are indeed two separate waterparks. We would love to boost its profile as part of what we do both online and offline. This would be done for free as with so much other extremely positive promotion that we provide for the Island of Lanzarote, not just Playa Blanca.

    As representatives and members of a number of busy tourist websites, we are approached daily for advice… for answers to questions… and for local information – therefore it is our responsibility to help. This is why questions were asked. I have records of the history of conversations between ourselves and Thomas Cook, showing their reluctance to sort this out quickly and honestly.

    No “misleading and non-informed assumptions” have been spread from this website – simply questions asked. I repeat again – had Thomas Cook responded to the questions with full information in a timely manner, then there would have been no issue. By hiding from the situation, or ignoring it, the situation has been allowed to continue. The threat of legal advice is inapplicable, because we have not at any time quoted incorrect information as fact. We have stated when information has come from third parties, presented information as seen with our own eyes, and asked questions which until today have been ignored or deleted by Thomas Cook. We would recommend that the information is re-read without a kneejerk reaction, and translated accurately to those who need it.

    Regarding the photographs and video – these were taken on the piece of ground immediately opposite the main entrance of Paradise Island, and this is clearly stated within the body of the above article. These images were taken by ourselves last week, and any statement that they were not taken where we declared, is incorrect. We had seen no building work around the hotel… and neither have some guests who are currently staying there. We would love to come and see where this work is being carried out, and happily post evidence for your customers to see with their own eyes. However, despite our regular requests for an exact location from Thomas Cook – this was ignored.

    Of course we look forward to seeing the grand opening on May 1st… and we wish you the best of luck with the build in the meantime.

    Our offer of providing photographs of the ongoing build to help you promote this in the meantime still stands.

    Kind regards

    Elle Draper

  • Hoteles Lopez says:

    Press Release

    Contact: Lorenzo Lopez Stark
    Position: General Manager
    Tel: +34 928 517 914

    For immediate release

    Confirmation of the Water Park in the Hotel HL Paradise Island for the 1st of May 2012

    The Hotel HL Paradise Island will be opening the doors of its Water Park on the 1st of May 2012, as planned. There has been a lot of talk from non-informed sources stating in different blogs and social media channels that this was not the case. The project was signed off in 2010 with a total investment of 3.5 m€. The construction started September 2011 and is due to finish on schedule.

    Different non informed and non professional sources have been assuming that there won’t be a Water Park in the Hotel HL Paradise Island. These “bloggers” showed pictures that haven’t been taken at the premises. Additionally, they have been criticizing and questioning whether the opening would take place, spreading incorrect information throughout different channels. Since the posts started online, this has led to a negative impact in sales.

    The owner Mr. Lopez Gonzalez confirmed that the Water Park will be finished on schedule and that he doesn’t understand why locals are spreading so much misinformation. Moreover he stated that he would result to legal action against those held responsible for spreading the rumours.

    Many hoteliers in Playa Blanca are upset about how several expatriates are spreading misleading and non-informed assumptions online. One hotelier states: “This is very bad for business and such behaviour should be punished by law” The regional Manager Of The HL Group Mr. Campo stated: “… I can’t believe that there are people out there with no knowledge and no information coming up with such foolish remarks”. He also stated that the Hotel will be opening the Water Park as scheduled and that the entire team is very excited to work on this project since it is the first waterpark to be built by the HL group and could be one of the best Water Parks in the Canary Islands.


    If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule a meeting with Mr. Lopez Stark, please call +34 928 517 914 or email at

  • admin says:

    Around 40 minutes ago, I received the followng response from Thomas Cook
    The waterpark is on site at the hotel – our local team are monitoring the progress against the work schedule. Slides are being manufactured off site but the park is on track to be opened as detailed in our brochures
    cheers Tony ”

    I have replied:
    “Thank you Tony. I believe that you are being fed misinformation as we photographed the working area only last week and nothing had been done onsite up to then. We have also been advised at lunchtime today by people staying in the hotel that they can see no evidence of any building work whatsoever.

    However, I will pass this information on to the people that are asking me for information”

  • admin says:

    I gave t a few days, and didn’t chase over the weekend. I was just drafting a new message this morning, when Thomas Cook replied on Facebook.
    “Hi Elle
    In line with previous posts we can confirm that the waterpark is making good progress and is on track to be available to guests as promised in our brochures.
    thanks Tony ”

    I replied:
    “Tony – thank you but that doesn’t answer my (and that of a number of other people’s) question. I did not ask when… I asked where. There is no visible building work at Paradise Island, despite assurances that it is underway. Where is the exact location of this building work?”

  • admin says:


    Thomas Cook deleted my message from their Facebook wall, and still have not responded. Message reposted here:
    “No response from you on Twitter, and now it would seem that you have deleted my earlier message from on this page too? I see also that other people’s messages are missing also. I simply want a straight question answered so that I can help your customers from here in Playa Blanca Lanzarote. Where exactly is the Paradise Island Waterpark that you and the hotel are telling people is currently being built? The only building work is at Lanzasur almost a kilometer away – and they insist it is for the sole use of their own guests. More information here:


  • admin says:


    Another message posted on Twitter to ask again where the waterpark is. We have also posted this on their Facebook wall.

    Tweet – “@ThomasCookUK Pls answer with exact location of Paradise Island waterpark. 3 msgs not answered now & I’m trying to get pics for your clients”

    Facebook – “Hello. I am trying to get someone at Thomas Cook to answer a straight question – which is “where is the EXACT location of the waterpark building work for Paradise Island waterpark in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote”. I have had 3 messages on Twitter not responded to now (or 4 if you include the one I’ve just sent). Your customers are being told different things by various sources. According to you and the hotel, building work has commenced – however we can see no evidence of this in the resort so are trying to confirm the exact location. The only waterpark building work that we can see underway is by Lanzasur (almost a kilometer away)… who are writing to their customers saying that it is for their sole use, and not for Paradise Island clients. If we have that exact location, we can take photos and reassure your customers. If it is that the hotel is lying to you – we can provide you with proof so you can sort them out. Please respond.”

    Perhaps this is the day when we can get this sorted out? We will happily head to the exact location and take some photos to reassure Thomas Cook customers that work is indeed underway – which will help avoid bookings being cancelled. But the non-response is not helping them to help themselves.

    Come on Thomas Cook – please answer my straight question! If it is that the hotel is lying to you, we can help!


  • admin says:


    Still no response to my last couple of Tweets… so tried again this morning.

    @ThomasCookUK Hi. Any news on the exact location of the Paradise Island waterpark? Or is hotel telling you porkies about how much is done?


  • admin says:

    Paradise Island has emailed a customer today and included the following statement… “The waterpark will be open 01/05/12 in the hotel Paradise Island.”

    in… IN…

    Hmmm… perhaps they have mastered the time space continuum and it will be magically appearing.

  • admin says:

    Posted on Twitter just now,as we did not receive an answer to our question yesterday evening.
    @ThomasCookUK Hi. Can you confirm exactly where the Paradise Island waterpark building work is, so we can photograph it for your customers?

  • admin says:


    I posted a question on Twitter yesterday evening with a link to this page, asking if they could answer their customers. They came back and said: “The link to the thread was answered 7 days ago. Please advise if you need any further assistance.”

    So I replied with: “Hi. I see an answer on your forum, but not where. Closest work is over 600m away at Lanzasur – is this for Paradise Island? E”

    They haven’t answered yet – we’ll keep you abreast of when (if) they do.


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