If you’re moving to Lanzarote, and will need of a telephone line. Be ready for problems whether renting or buying a property!

If like us you are in a situation where you need a phone line to run your business it’s pretty unlikely you can get a line without having to deal with Telefonica. (There are alternatives starting to appear in Lanzarote, but it’s early day and we don’t have any experience of them so can’t comment.)

Things to be aware of:

  • Many rural areas, and new developments (e.g. Los Altos in Playa Blanca) are not wired into the system so, put simply, you can not get a line – certainly not for the foreseeable future
  • There is a limited supply of numbers so in some areas you join a waiting list
  • Although their sales line (for what it’s worth) can cater for English speakers (sometimes, if they are in the mood), they do not offer ANY technical support in English
  • Orders can ‘dissapear’ from the system when it suits them
  • They are far from reliable generally….

We were lucky we got ADSL in just over two weeks from placing our order, but many don’t – some people wait months, or even years without success. You’ll probably find very few residents on the island who have good tales to tell about Telfonica!

Good luck!