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Our New Puppy!

Yesterday I spotted a photo of a Boxer pup on a friend’s Facebook wall. This puppy aged approximately 12 weeks had been abandoned by his owner who left him in their garden whilst they flew back to the UK… just leaving an A4 note telling the landlord to put him into kennels. Luckily the landlord was close to the property later the same day… and found him with a little food, no bed, a tiny amount of shelter and about an inch of water left in a sandcastle bucket. There was also a pool with no easy means of escape for a young pup.

Feeling disgusted that anyone could do this? Yes, so are we!!!

Had the Landlord taken Friday off as he had intended… he would not arrived at the property until the Monday… and we do not know if the pup would have survived. He immediately made the decision to rehouse the puppy.

Anyway, that brings us back to the point where I saw the photo on Facebook, and started my plotting to get him here. I immediately suggested to Alan that we have a puppy… and the nagging went on all day and night. Finally…. very late last night… after rather a lot of wine, Alan finally uttered those immortal words, “So tell me about this puppy then”. He’d used exactly the same words when we were getting Pepper… so I knew I had him! I explained that such a gorgeous pup would probably have been rehomed immediately… and Alan was very disappointed. It was that disappointment that made me sure we’d get him… as long as he hadn’t been snapped up.

This morning I posted a message asking if he’d been homed or not, and said that we would love to have him. A quick phone call later and the deal was done. Off we headed an hour or so after that and collected the new member of the family. We have called him Billy, and he’s already settling in. We took him for a walk for over an hour before letting him in the house (as Cesar Millan suggests) and it worked really well. He was off the lead for most of that… and stuck close to our side the whole time.

So now, we’re home. Pepper isn’t too sure about him (jealousy thing… as he’s always been the “puppy”) so we can’t leave them unsupervised for a while, but Guido has been fantastic. We actually expected a lot more teething troubles but are obviously monitoring very closely.

Training has started in earnest already. He is going to be a very big boy… so we’re starting as we mean to go on.

Anyway – welcome to your new home Billy Boxer!

3 Responses to Our New Puppy!

  • admin says:

    Thanks guys! He’s settling in really well… although he does torment the other two! But then he’s a puppy… so it’s bound to happen. Elle xx

  • Stephen says:

    Fantastic that you have taken poor Billy in to your family, I am sure the boys will accept him fully very soon.

    It makes me so angry when I read about people abandoning animals like this, I once upset someone who called the animal charity I was with at the time when they asked if we could take their dog in as they couldn’t take him back to the UK … all I asked was whether they were taking their children back with them!

    You know that our Oscar was obtained by us in very similar circumstances and that he has given us so much love since then – you will also get this from Billy … they know who looks after them.

  • I think I´m in love. He´s the cutest thing.

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