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Other People’s Experiences – Yolanda Perdomo

A few years back, Lanzarote was having its local elections… and as expat residents we were allowed a vote. Suddenly, Playa Blanca was covered in posters and banners, and there were cars blaring out messages… and we had door to door canvassers popping round to visit. One “gentleman” from the party that actually ended up winning, rocked up on his Segway. He strode to our gate and as soon as he heard our English accents, he turned on his heel muttering and with plenty of dismissive arm waving, and strode off to another house. Not a good first impression eh?

Conversely, we were visited the following day by a very attractive, very friendly Spanish lady. She immediately switched into speaking English, and went through the whole process with us… including explaining how we could actually vote. This lady made a big impression on Alan and myself, and we’ve never forgotten how helpful she was and how friendly. That lady was Yolanda Perdomo, and we are very grateful that she has taken the time to answer a couple of questions about her experiences of living in Lanzarote, with us. Enjoy reading!

What is your name? My name is Yolanda Perdomo.

Have you always lived in Lanzarote? I was born here. I studied and lived abroad during ten years (Madrid, USA, France and Italy) and I came back afterwards.

What are your favourite things about Lanzarote? The weather, the landscape and the “clacas”, a special sort of seafood that looks like a piece of stone and is shaped as a volcano.

If you could change anything about Lanzarote, what would that be?
Arrecife’s configuration.

Your friends in Lanzarote – what country are they from, predominantly?
Spain and UK.

How do you feel about the many different nationalities that now live in Lanzarote?
I think that it is enriching, I like it a lot!

Do you speak any other languages apart from Spanish? Yes, I speak English, French and Italian.

Tell us about what you do for a job here?
I was part of the Canarian Government ’til a few months ago. Nowadays, I’m working as a consultant in the Tourism field.

What do you do for fun? I like cooking, reading and writing short stories.

Will you stay living in Lanzarote?

Do you have a website address or email where people can contact you?

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