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Other People’s Experiences – Ray & Jen

We had great pleasure in meeting with Ray and Jen recently… and they have kindly agreed to share their experiences with you on here. Ray & Jen moved to Playa Blanca this summer, and have set up a new business selling water filters in Lanzarote. These water filters enable you to drink the local tap water here – so no more lugging huge heavy bottles of water back from the supermarket. We’ve tasted the water, and it’s great! As if you would need any more reasons to speak to Ray & Jen… the price of these water filter systems is extremely reasonable. Had we not already sorted our own system out, before they arrived – we would have been buying one of these ourselves! Happy reading!

Ray Allum and Jen GardinerName:
Ray Allum and Jen Gardiner

Where did you move to Lanzarote from?
Southampton. England

When was this?
August 2010

Where on the Island do you live now?
Playa Blanca

Did anyone move over with you?

Why did you decide to move to Lanzarote?
We had holidayed here for the last 8 years and fell in love with the Island.

How long before deciding to move, did you actually arrive?
About 4 years

Is there anything you miss from UK?
Friends and Family

How often do you return to UK?
Probably about twice a year

What are the real benefits to you personally in having made the move?
A considerably less stressful life, and plenty of sunshine.

What are the downsides if any, of having made the move?

Your friends in Lanzarote – what country are they from, predominantly?

Could you speak Spanish before you arrived?
A little mainland conversational

How is your Spanish now?
A little colloquial Spanish

Is your lifestyle healthier, or less healthier, since moving to Lanzarote?
A lot healthier. We eat a lot better and walk a great deal more than we used to

With hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?

Tell us about what you do for a living here?
We have started a business selling filters that allow you to drink the local mains water from the tap.

Will you stay living in Lanzarote?
We can’t imagine ever going back to the U.K.

What is your website address where people can contact you?

Our heartfelt thanks to Ray and Jen for taking the time to share their experiences with us, and for also providing a photo… so that you can see their happy faces. We wish them both all the very best of luck as they settle into their new home, and for the future success of their business. Elle & Alan

4 Responses to Other People’s Experiences – Ray & Jen

  • Carol says:

    Well done Ray & Jen good luck with your new life. This is something I would do tomorrow but I’m having toruble convincing my husband he says yes he will move but in 5 year. Could you give me any hints or tips to change his mind?

  • Geoff (Copperfield) says:

    Well done to you both nice storey :-)

  • admin says:

    You Southampton lot – you’re taking over! I shall have to bring over my crew from Pompey to even up the numbers :)
    Elle xxxx

  • Kirsty says:

    A lovely story and fellow Sotonians as well :)
    We will be joining you in January

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