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Other People’s Experiences – Mitch Mitchell

Welcome to the next instalment from the Other People’s Experiences Of Living In Lanzarote series. Mitch is a personal trainer here in Lanzarote… and what better place to keep fit and improve your healthy lifestyle than here on this sunny island. Happy reading!

Mitch Lanzarote personal trainerName
Mitch Mitchell.

Where did you move to Lanzarote from?
Kingsnorth, Kent.

When was this?
July 2004.

Where on the Island do you live now?

Did anyone move over with you?
Wife, Two Children and the dog.

Why did you decide to move to Lanzarote?
Complete lifestyle change.

How long after deciding to move, did you actually arrive?
4 years.

Is there anything you miss from UK?

How often do you return to UK?
Only to update qualifications or any family disasters!

What are the real benefits to you personally in having made the move?
Better lifestyle all round, my own boss!

What are the downsides if any, of having made the move?
Language barrier- time constraints on learning.

Your friends in Lanzarote – what country are they from, predominantly?
I have a multi-cultural circle of friends- Australian, Austrian, Finnish, Spanish, German, Irish, British, American, Chinese, Indian etc.

Mitch lanzarote personal trainer outsideCould you speak Spanish before you arrived?
Only simple sentences.

How is your Spanish now?
Only simple sentences!!!

Is your lifestyle healthier, or less healthy, since moving to Lanzarote?
By far the easiest question- Lifestyle much healthier.

With hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?
Brought more gym equipment with me, many items I now have are not obtainable here and expensive to import.

Tell us about what you do for a living here?
I have my own Personal Training business with two private gyms- one including fitness classes- and now expanding to include All Inclusive Personal Training Holidays.

Will you stay living in Lanzarote?

What is your website address where people can contact you

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