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Other People’s Experiences – Kelly Eason

Normally we only feature people who live in Lanzarote in this section. But… Kelly has been a fantastic person for us to know since we arrived, and we only wish we’d known him back when we first came over – he could have saved us a lot of money in currency transfers!! Kelly is our contact at Currencies Direct, and he transfers money over from the Uk to Lanzarote for us. We’ve been meaning to pop a feature on about him for some time – and so here you go! Happy Reading! (By the way… when Alan emailed me the photo of Kelly with his beautiful 10 month old daughter below, it was with the direct command of, “Don’t go getting broody on me!” Ha ha ha!)

Kelly Eason

Where did you move to Spain from?
Leigh on Sea, Essex

When was this?
November 2000

Where do you live now?
Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol

Did anyone move over with you?
I arrived alone

Why did you decide to move to Spain?
After the summer of 2000!

How long after deciding to move, did you actually arrive?
5 Months!

Is there anything you miss from UK?
My family and friends are a huge part of my life and I miss them greatly but with the amount of flights available its very easy for me to fly back or for them to visit me and my family in the Sun!

How often do you return to UK?
I would say 3 or 4 times a year

What are the real benefits to you personally in having made the move?
I met my wonderful fiancé 7 years ago and we now have the most amazing daughter

What are the downsides if any, of having made the move?
The cost of living seems to have increased in the last 10 years here on the Costa del Sol and with the current exchange rates how it is. It doesn’t help with Tourism etc – but with a global recession comes the opportunity to buy low and we have seen a substantial rise in currency transfers with overseas investors ‘snapping’ up property bargains!

Your friends in Spain – what country are they from, predominantly?
I am lucky to have many great friends here in Spain and whilst predominantly these tend to be British, this is very closely followed by Spanish.

Could you speak Spanish before you arrived?
Unfortunately not

How is your Spanish now?
Not as good as it should be!

Is your lifestyle healthier, or less healthy, since moving to Spain?
Much healthier! Wonderful food and the chance to spend more time outside ensures a much better way of life

With hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?
Nothing at all – I have no regrets whatsoever!

Tell us about what you do for a living here?
I am Business Development Executive for one of the world’s leading Currency Specialists

Will you stay living in Spain?
Whilst the sun is shining and life is as great as it is now! Absolutely!!

What is your website address where people can contact you?
Either by clicking on the ornage and black banner below or emailing me at

I like to know how people have found us, so mention Elle or this website when you get in contact.

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