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Other People’s Experiences – Jackie Lee

The next Lanzarote resident to be featured in this series is the bubbly and vivacious Jackie Lee. We got to know Jackie a couple of years ago when she and her business partner approached us about some advertising on one of our other websites. Since then, we have got to know Jackie very well… and work with her on a couple of projects now. And we indeed are extremely happy to be raising money for Niños del Tercer Mundo on Alan’s upcoming walk, which is the fine charity that Jackie introduced us to. Happy reading! Jackie – thanks for your time, as always!

Jackie LeeName
Jackie Lee

Where did you move to Lanzarote from?

We lived in Pershore, near Worcester

When was this?

We moved over to Lanzarote in 2003 (7 years ago)

Where on the Island do you live now?
In Puerto Calero

Did anyone move over with you?
Yes my husband Paul

Why did you decide to move to Lanzarote?
To enjoy the beautiful weather and have a more relaxed lifestyle.

How long before deciding to move, did you actually arrive?
About 2 years as it took us 1 year to build our dream house.

Is there anything you miss from UK?
Only my children and my grand children but with Skype I can see and talk to them most days.

How often do you return to UK?
Not very often, maybe once a year.

What are the real benefits to you personally in having made the move?
Waking up every morning to that beautiful blue sky and thinking how grateful I am but also I love the island, the relaxed atmosphere,  the people, my home, helping a local charity and my friends, what more could anyone ask for.

What are the downsides if any, of having made the move?
None really, except possibly not being able to pop round and see the grand children but even if I lived in England I couldn’t do that as they live in different areas.

Your friends in Lanzarote – what country are they from, predominantly?

Could you speak Spanish before you arrived?
A bit, we did 30 weeks at college to get the basics.

How is your Spanish now?
Ok. I get by, but I wish I could speak fluently, I need to practise a lot more and worry about getting the right tense on the verbs.

Is your lifestyle healthier, or less healthier, since moving to Lanzarote?
Definitely healthier

With hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?

Tell us about what you do for a living here?
I help organise  Wedding and Events and also help people find the right property  for them, so they can enjoy all the benefits I have.

Will you stay living in Lanzarote?
Yes definitely

What is your website address where people can contact you?
I dont have a website of my own, but if you are looking to get married or have a renewal of your vows, go to They are the best wedding planners on the Island, also if you are looking for a property go to they are so helpful and trustworthy.

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