New Arts & Crafts Market in Playa Blanca

A new market started today in Playa Blanca. It is for handmade goods and is located in CC Papagayo, the Burger King complex. Lots of brand new stalls and goodies.

Tuesdays 10am until 3pm and Friday evenings from 6pm.

Happy Shopping!

Playa Blanca market Playa Blanca market

4 thoughts on “New Arts & Crafts Market in Playa Blanca”

  1. Sorry – I don’t know her.

    But if someone else does… perhaps they could point her to this website – and I’ll pop the 2 of you in touch.

    Elle xx

  2. I am trying to find the lady that makes necklaces in Playa Blanca market. Hand made with leopard print like stones. I would like her email please to buy one.

  3. im looking for art material ,, canvass oil painting .all in plays blanch lanzarote ..where can i buy..

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