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Living in Lanzarote – Barbarella (aka: The Mad Cat Lady)

We have known Barbarella for a couple of years now, and know that she is passionate about her kitties (I think she makes up for our lack of cat love ha ha ha). She has kindly agreed to have her experiences on this Lanzarote blog, and so we hope you enjoy reading!

Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady

Where did you move to Lanzarote from?

When was this?
February 2004

Where on the Island do you live now?
Puerto del Carmen

Did anyone move over with you?
My cats Spider & Lugosi.  They are the loves of my life.

Why did you decide to move to Lanzarote?
I simply had enough of the “rat race”.  Working in a City lawfirm for another 25 years until retirement was not my idea of how I wanted to live my life.  Luckily, the flat I had bought in London in 1999 gained so much in value over the following 4 years, I sold it for 2 and a half times the price that I had bought it for, and with that money I bought a lovely little place in a quiet alleyway in Puerto del Carmen.

How long after deciding to move, did you actually arrive?
I decided to leave London in September 2003, put my London flat on the market, scouted out my new Lanzarote apartment and put down a deposit in November 2003, got my cats ready to travel, and moved here in February 2004.

Is there anything you miss from your home country?
“Proper” shops.  Especially like PC World or Mediamarkt.  I love gadgets and computery stuff (“shiny shopping”).
Cheap stuff.  Ok, so we have the Chinese shops here, but it’s not the same as going down the high street and finding lots of bargains.
Also, I miss liver & orange paté.  You can get plain liver paté here, but not with orange.  It’s yummy.

How often do you return to your home country?
Since I´m German and my family is in Germany, I visit them once every 2 years (flights are very expensive, around 370€ return), and I have only been back to London once in 7 years (because I really don´t miss the rush, the cold, the wet and the unfriendliness), but the latter I have to do more often now because it was great to see my friends and ex-boyfriend in October this year (and I got a really cheap flight).

What are the real benefits to you personally in having made the move?
I suffer from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, and even though these can only be treated but not cured, the lifestyle here, warm weather and relaxed atmosphere help immensely.  Healthwise, I would probably be so much more ill if I was still living and working in London. The Spanish national health service can sometimes be very frustrating, but I am at least receiving the same kind of treatment & medications that I would receive in the UK, and for free too.

What are the downsides if any, of having made the move?
Finding a decent job here.

Your friends in Lanzarote – what country are they from, predominantly?
Totally mixed bunch – Spain, Argentina, Ireland, Holland, UK – that´s where my best mates here are from.

Could you speak Spanish before you arrived?
I had learnt Spanish back in the 80s at a foreign language college for 2 years, but of course I didn´t know then that one day I would be living in Lanzarote!  20 years later, I found that I still had a lot of my Spanish “in limbo” somewhere, and it wasn´t hard to pick things up again.

How is your Spanish now?
Intermediate.  I have a vast vocabulary that even I surprise myself with sometimes, because I pick up a lot of words from talking, reading and hearing Spanish, and I almost always immediately look up what they mean (I have a dictionary on my mobile phone).  I can hold conversations with my Spanish friends quite easily, although I don´t always understand everything they say, so then I ask and they explain in slightly different words, which I then might understand (does that make sense?). Still having problems with some of the grammar, but the more I talk with and listen to people, the more I pick up.

The two Spanish books I have at home help with the grammar too, and I use online tools like and on an almost daily basis to help me learn more, or when I come across something I don´t know in Spanish/English.  And the forums at wordreference are great:

I think the worst thing about not knowing the language is, when I first came to Lanzarote I didn´t know how to fill in a simple form (e.g. at a doctors, or post office).  This was so frustrating!  I am grateful that now I can easily do things like that.

Is your lifestyle healthier, or less healthier, since moving to Lanzarote?
Since my illnesses have got worse, I *had* to become healthier, so yes – healthier now!

With hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?
No. I never look back and don´t have any regrets.

Tell us about what you do for a living here?
Freelance Web & Graphic Design, Photographer….. and Shop Assistant.  Does Cat Herder count as a job? 😉

Will you stay living in Lanzarote?
Yes! I love this island to death. That is, if my health doesn´t decline so much, because, unfortunately, I cannot get disability here.

If you have a business here, what is your website address where people can contact you? – my photography website – personal site & daily cat photo blog

8 Responses to Living in Lanzarote – Barbarella (aka: The Mad Cat Lady)

  • @sarah, no, goodness no! That used to be the old way of having to put your pets in a quarantine kennel for 6 months! Mind you, if you decide to take your cat *back* to the UK with you, it *will* take 6-7 months to prepare if it hasn´t got the rabies shots up to date. However, during that time, the cat will stay with you and won´t have to go into quarantine. If you do the rabies shots every year while you live here though, you can travel with your cat at any time. I hope this makes sense! :)

    PS: Glad you like my mad 3/website. :)

  • admin says:

    Hi Sarah. As long as your cats’ jabs are all up to date – including rabies, then they can greet you at the airport! You won’t have to be apart from them.
    Elle xx
    PS: I’m not a cat person… so I shall leave you and Barbarella to natter 😉 xx

  • sarah says:

    hi barbarella thanks for getting back to me and the information about the cats.
    there is just one more question?
    do they have to stay away from me for 6 months or have they done it all different now.
    love your cats they look like a hand

  • Hi Sarah, how much was it to get my cats over here? Well, it´s 7 years since I brough them over, and I can´t remember the exact price, but it entailed getting all the necessary health certificates and vaccinations done at the vets about a month before travel (which cost around 150 Pounds for my 2 cats), then you need to buy travel boxes that are airline approved, and lastly you would need to book a the flight for your kitty.

    For booking my cats´ flight I used a company called Skydogs (don´t know if they still exist, but they´re similar to what Airpets do (, and it cost around 500 Pounds for both my cats together, and they also sorted out all the livestock transport etc. certificates that were necessary. Basically, altogether, I think it was around 700 quid to get 2 cats over here….

    Anyway, I hope this helps and good luck!

  • sarah says:

    yes of cause thank you.

  • admin says:

    Hi Sarah – I have dropped a line to Barbarella so she can come and answer you… but she may prefer to do it privately. If so, is it ok to pass on your email address to her? I would never do that without your permission of course.

    Elle xx

  • sarah says:

    hi how much was it to get your cats out there.

  • Woot! Fame after all! 😉

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