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Learn Spanish FREE!

There are so many courses available on the internet… some paid for, and some for free. However… the lovely Lynn Cobb from Javea has kindly provided us with an exclusive 152 page Spanish Lesson document completely free, to set you on your way.

You will need to have Adobe installed on your computer to download the document – but give it a try, and let us know how you get on. Simply click the link below.

Learn-aprender spanish course pdf for internet

Lynn also offers email support for the entire course for a one off fee of just €50 – great value… and with her experience of teaching Spanish… a definite consideration. We’ve been talking to Lynn for some time now, and find her approachable, friendly, and extremely helpful.

We receive no money for promoting Lynn and her services – she’s just great! Here is some more information about Lynn.

My name’s Lynn & I’m married with two daughters, 10 & nearly 14. We moved to Jávea at the end of 2003, after having lived for a short time in the US  (I hated it!)
My husband was still working in the US when we moved here, & no sooner had we settled the girls into school he had to go back there for a few weeks! I suddenly realised that I was in a strange country with 2 little kids, could do no more than order a coffee in Spanish & didn’t even know how to phone an ambulance if I needed to!
I resolved there & then to learn Spanish as quickly as possible, so signed up for an intensive course.
About 3 years later I started teaching Spanish, almost by accident. The course I have written was originally a series of lessons for some groups that I teach. It’s aimed at absolute beginners, and is intended to give you the tools for day to day living – not teach you the ins & outs of Spanish grammar!

6 Responses to Learn Spanish FREE!

  • Congratulations on a great idea – Learn Spanish – and big BIG thanks to the lady, Lyn, who put it all together. More power to your elbow. But this is not a website it is a way of life – a new life style – well done. Ten Brownie Points. – you have everything covered – all I need now is the money to come and live in Lanzarote – do you take brass washers or bent ha’pennies? Jeanne (A Wordsmith)

  • admin says:

    Ha ha ha ha Roy – cheeky! But yeah, I think that ANYONE who has heard my version of Hanky Panky wishes they had an “improve your singing” link!

    Elle xx

  • Roy says:

    Just nipped back to post this link:
    It’s online training that tracks your progress.

    Wish I had an ‘improve your singing’ link for Elle, your hanky panky performance at the wax bar.. omg :)

  • Kerry says:

    You might also like this website
    It is a 100% free fully interactive Spanish course.
    The webmaster just asks for a small donation if you would like to.
    It is fabulous. We had no Spanish but this has helped us no end.
    Kerry xx

  • admin says:

    Cheers Roy! Have heard good things about the coffee break Spanish – friends of ours have been using it recently.
    Elle xx

  • Roy says:

    Thanks for the Spanish PDF guide link. Something else that may be usefull is

    Loads of free downloadable podcasts for Spanish learners. Also, why not try the BBC’s Spanish leaning webpages, the Mi vida loca series is superb.

    Buena suerte!

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