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Cost of Living in Lanzarote Calculator

cost of living in lanzaroteOne of the questions we get asked so often is “What is the cost of living in Lanzarote?”

There certainly is no hard and fast answer – as every person and every family are different. Chuck in a satellite subscription… a couple of pets… kids’ footie lessons… private school fees… or however many meals out you would have each month… and you may as well ask us to estimate the number of grains of sand in an ever moving section of beach.

But we hope that you find the following form a little use. We’ve only put the basics in… but it may give you a starting point. It is based on a monthly amount. It’s just a bit of fun, and should not be used to work your household expenses out to the centimo of course.

Good luck!

Start by selecting the number of bedrooms in your chosen property:
Number of Bedrooms:


15 Responses to Cost of Living in Lanzarote Calculator

  • KH says:

    After a recent holiday I noticed that there are not many IT / computer shops / businesses in Lanzarote.
    Do you know whether there is any good reason for this or are they all hidden away?
    I am seriously considering the option to open a computer shop that would provide sales and repairs on the high street of either Puerto Del Carmon or Playa Blanca. With the option of business support services.
    Where should I go to find information on renting both a business property and a 3 to 4 bedroom home?

  • J MCKELLAR says:

    We are coming over on holiday next month for a week. Whilst over we want to find out as much as we can about renting somewhere suitable for a 3 or 4 month period next winter.We are also wondering if there is anything we could do to give us a taste of how life could be if not on holiday (we wouldn’t be employed) what sort of things do folk do with their time for instance. Initially I guess you feel like you are on holiday but at some point the holiday will fizzle out into a more usual routine. I just want to be prepared for how that might happen and perhaps hear from folk how they adjusted.Our plan is to downsize this year and spend a few years taking long rentals once or twice a year in Lanzarote ,probably in Costa Teguise perhaps until free of dependents. We would be pleased to hear from anyone else who has gone down a similar route having relocated for good or not. Thanks very much look forward to hearing some of your stories.

  • admin says:

    You are very welcome x

  • David Moore says:

    Thanks Elle thats really good to know
    cheers x

  • admin says:

    Hello there David – it is including average monthly rent.
    Elle x

  • David Moore says:

    Regarding your cost of living calculator, does the calculated amount include the average rent for that type of property (ie 2 or 3 bed etc) or are you presuming that you own a property & the cost of living amount excludes monthly rent?

  • carol busby says:

    Hi Would anyone please giveme any advice on relocating to lanzarote, we prefer to live away from th resort areas and live with the real local residents, My husband has many talents for work prospects, we are considering a possible business but that would be once we had settled in. Ideally reception work or kitchen manager as he was in the Navy for 17years as a se but i imagine could quite easily cut back on that.nior chef, since leaving he has worked in the goverment sector doing admin work. I however had to medically retire last year and are hoping the warmewr climate will ease some of my pain so i can work maybe parttime. We would be looking to rent initially so any advice on letting agents online would be appreciated. Any guidance for the disabled would be appreciated. Thanx Carol

  • Ashleigh says:

    Sorry i misspelt my email before

  • Ashleigh says:

    Hi, me my husband and our baby daughter are seriously considering moving to puerto del carmen or close by, would you be able to give me information on where is best to rent a property on long term lease, and where i would shop for the likes of a baby cot and car seat? Also who would be the best bank to use while there, and if you have information on a car rental company to use, this information would be great thanks ashleigh, thomas
    Maybe reloctating as soon as january, going out at the end of november to find a property suitable

  • admin says:

    Hi Samantha and Lee! Thank you both for your message. Most of your questions are answered on this site… so do play around with the search box at the top of the page. If after a good hunt about you’re still missing some stuff, then feel free to drop me an email to and I’ll do my best to help. Sorry I haven’t written all the answers in response… but as you can imagine I do get lots of enquiries all asking for fairly general info… and I simply don’t have the time to do it all. It’s much easier if you can give me specifics, and I can fill in the gaps for you.
    In the meantime, I’ve popped some links below for you to get you started. Some of them are to pages on this site… and some are to other people’s websites who can help.
    All the very best of luck with all your research and for the future.
    Property to rent in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
    Playa Blanca Property
    Bringing your pet to Lanzarote
    Shipping your belongings to Lanzarote

  • samantha middleton says:

    Hi alan and elle, We saw your website as were looking into relocating to lanzarote it wont be an over night move as were still in very early stages of our research. Were trying to gather as much information as possible, the followings concern us the most – Jobs on the island
    Requirments that may need to be met by ourselfs money in bank ect
    Finding a home thats suitable
    Bringing a domestic pet out with us
    How we move our belongings ect
    We have been looking into just renting for the time being until we feel settled and happy on the island, Me an my partner lee are planning on travelling to lanzarote in the near future to get some more information viewing properties and looking into jobs for him as i can work anywere in the world as i work on the internet for a large company that already has cm’s scatterd worldwide. We would be very grateful if you could help us by sending any information or advice that you may feel is helpful or you yourselfs wish someone had given you.

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to read our message Kind regards samantha and lee

  • admin says:

    Hello Ken – Regarding food, it would depend on whether you will have a car… as I certainly wouldn’t want my shopping restricted to Puerto Calero! The price would be prohibitive really. However, Arrecife would be much bettr. To answer your question though is more difficult as it would depend on how many of you there are, and whether you would be eating all local produce, and how much cooking from scratch you would do. The answers to your tax questions depend on so many variables, but you could speak to Ben Simkins (our Asesoria) about that. He can be contacted via his website on As for best areas… that really is down to personal taste. I have friends in all areas of the island… and they are all viased about their own areas. However – the one thing I would say is that the vest area for hoilidays isn’t becessarily the best area to live (consider noise… and access to decent supermarkets etc).
    Elle xx

  • admin says:

    HI Angela. The answers to your questions depend on so many variables, such as how many of you there are… how many bedroomed properties you need, whether you ahve a pool, what kind of food you wish to eat etc. I’m sorry – but there really us no “one size fits all”. Sorry! Regarding the taxi drivers – there are a few non-Spanish taxi drivers now… but you would need to contact them direct to find out about specific licenses etc. Good luck! Elle xx

  • angela lloyd says:

    Would like to know about cost of living in playa blanca, and costa teguise, also availability of taxi drivers being employed there and do they employ uk Taxi drivers.

  • ken abbey says:

    im wanting to rent long term in Lanzarote near Puerto del Carmen or Arrecife and would like as much information as possible about all aspects of of living on lanzarote ie taxes, food costs and any recommendations about best areas to rent, all comments would be greatly appreciated

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