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Jobs in Lanzarote

I have to say – I am getting increasingly frustrated at reading on many websites phrases like – “it’s tough getting a job in Lanzarote – there’s a credit crunch –  you need to be here – but there is always work in bars and restaurants…”

I’d like to expand, and correct these types of statements…

Fact: – it is tough getting a job in Lanzarote… it is at the best of times – in the current financial climate it is near impossible. We read recently that unemployment is around 25% (which does not include all the ex-pats not registered with the system).

Fact: Yes there is a credit crunch, as everywhere – many people are heading back to Britain and Ireland, We guess this is in many cases to a life of benefit, at least for the time being, as they may not be entitled to use the system here.

Fact: Yes, you do need to be here, but in the current climate it doesn’t really improve your chances much. Bear in mind (if you are thinking of bar work) that bars and restaurants in many cases have several residents – and tourists – asking for work daily. Many other businesses are suffering with, perhaps, the builders and estate agents being hardest hit.

Fact: Many bars and restaurants are far from booming, and some are even closing. Tourist number are down (which is not specific to Lanzarote – it’s the world over), the application of a little common sense will tell you that with increasing unemployment and a drop in visitor numbers there isn’t going to be much, if anything, about.

If you read this site regularly, you will know that we always do our best to portray the island well – what we won’t do is lie to you.

So, if you are thinking about it seriously, and you are looking for a ‘regular job’, make sure you have a suitable safety net. The chances of finding a regular job as a new resident are severely limited at the moment… If you are moving out – temper your dream with a sense of realism!

3 Responses to Jobs in Lanzarote

  • admin says:

    Nice one Phil – good luck people!
    Elle xx

  • LBS Phil says:

    Seen a sign on the door of Big Apple in CC Atlantico, Puerto del Carmen today (20th Jan 2010) “looking for bar staff 650 864 279”

    Good luck anyone that spots this first and gets down to the bar!

  • KT says:


    finding work in lanzarote is not hard but you have to know the right people
    i know alot of reps working in lanzarote and they all agree it not what youve got its who you know
    hope this helps
    i love living in lanzarote make the move you will never regreat it trust me


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