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It’s hardly a secret…

Billy with his new 'brothers'!

…that it was Elle and I took on the recently abandoned Boxer puppy who, to all intents and purposes, was left to die on a terrace without proper water or food. We’ve been told that, had a friend of ours not found him when he did, little ‘Billy’ as he is now known would have been dead by the end of the weekend. It was pure chance that our friend turned up at the house when he did on the Friday, as he hadn’t originally planned to visit the house until Monday.

Well, here’s an update to the story!

We read with interest Jane Burke’s article – inspired in part by Billy’s story – in the December issue of the Gazette (page 32), in which she passionately appealed to Lanzarote to ‘name and shame’ those on the island who mistreat animals in such a way. Jane cited some other horrific atrocities in the article too, which really do make the blood of any reasonable human being boil. She also pointed out that, despite the urban mythology, many expats are as guilty as the locals. We’ve all seen them come and go, they arrive with their rose tinted glasses, dash off down to SARA or the nearest pet shop and adopt a dog or cat – only to realize a few months on they can’t make it on this island so many of us are proud to call home. The lucky animals will get re-homed, the not so lucky ones wind up at Sara, and the downright unfortunate ones like OUR little ‘Billy’ just get dumped.

We hadn’t planned to do this, but perhaps Jane has a point. We were offended today to be pointed at this… Is this ‘person’ coming back? Maybe she is, maybe it’s all talk. But you know what, just in case, we thought we’d get the ball rolling in light of Jane’s comments. We’ve decided to go public in the hope that if we do this irresponsible and heartless individual is prevented from taking on another dog or cat on Lanzarote.

Remember, as the old saying goes “A dog is for life not just for Christmas”!

Please, please – to anyone moving here, think long and hard and make sure you know what you are doing when you take on a pet. Would you do this to kids?! Personally I’d neuter anyone who can treat an animal in such a way as they can’t possibly be trusted with children either.

4 Responses to It’s hardly a secret…

  • admin says:

    Yes – the landlord says he was owed money. He is obviously quite keen to speak with her when/if she reappears.
    Elle x

  • Anon says:

    did she pay the last landlord in the end? I understood she owed him, yet she’s coming back and signing up for a new house

  • admin says:

    Sadly no – the landlord has not heard from this woman since she disappeared. Despicable. For all she knew, the puppy could be rotting in the enclosed garden. Thankfully we have him safe with us and he is currently snoring his head off in the other room.

  • Ange says:

    Shocked really, did this girl contact the landlord to check back on how the puppy was and make sure he had been to the house??!

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