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Importing a Car into Lanzarote

This is another question that is so often asked. “How difficult is it to bring my car over to Lanzarote”.

Firstly our advice (only our opinion however) is “don’t bother!” For one thing, it is a pricey process to get it here, get it registered… and not forgetting that the driver’s seat is on the other side – which could possibly be dangerous for visibility. It’s a hell of a lot of hoops to jump through, costly, and a lengthy process. however if you are insistent… then the following information may help.

Taxes Payable

New Car: 16% IVA is payable and you will need Spanish Customs Form 565. You can pay this tax at any Spanish bank that has an agreement with the tax department. Your own bank here will be able to advise you which are applicable.

Used car: Vehicles owned for over six months before you become resident in Spain are not subject to import duty, however this is of course providing that you have paid the VAT in the EU country in which the vehicle was purchased.

A registration tax (impuesto sobre determinados medios de transporte) is payable  on all vehicles and must be paid into your local tax office (Agencia Tributaria). The value of this tax is guaged on engine capacity.

  • Cars of 2,000cc and less are taxed at 7%
  • Other vehicles are taxed at 12%

Registering your vehicle (from another EU country)

In order to register a car in Spain, you will need to have  a NIE number – do note that now the Police Station in Arrecife is lumping in NIE numbers with your residencia.

The following documents must be submitted at Trafico:

  • An application form which they shall give you
  • Proof of identification (passport – original and photocopy)
  • Proof of address such as your rental contract or deeds to your property (original and photocopy)
  • Receipt of payment of local car tax from the local town hall or Trafico
  • Receipt of payment of registration tax – original and photocopy
  • Registration document (Permiso de Circulación y Permiso Para Conducción)
  • Proof that VAT (IVA) has been paid in the country of purchase (original and photocopy)
  • Technical Test Certificate Card
  • Vehicle purchase receipt (original and photocopy)
  • Certificate of Conformityfrom the manufacturer or a certified representative (original and photocopy)
  • If applicable, declaration of ownership of other Spanish-registered vehicles
  • If applicable, declaration of possession of a Spanish driving licence
  • If the vehicle is from Holland, then you will also need form RDW 323 (available from the local Traffic Department)

Importing a Non-EU Vehicle

Taxes payable on vehicles from non-EU countries

10 percent import duty (based on original market price with reductions based on age of the vehicle), payable at Customs
16 percent IVA, payable at Customs

Registration tax –  7 to 12 percent based on the vehicle’s engine capacity. Application Form 565 from Customs  should be completed and the fee paid into the local tax office or any bank which accepts such payments – ask your bank for this information

Registering vehicles from outside the EU

To be honest – this process is time consuming and long winded – that we recommend you enlist the services of a Gestoria or Asesoria. We highly recommend Ben Simkins in Costa Teguise. Expect the process to be a long drawn out one, and certainly not trouble free.

You’re much better off buying a car in Spain – cheaper and less hassle… but hey if you’re an enthusiast… then go for it. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you! :o)

10 Responses to Importing a Car into Lanzarote

  • Elle says:

    Hi Phil. To my knowledge it is still correct – but I would advise you speak to someone who helps with transfers (such as Guy Buske at A-Z Paperwork) to be sure.

  • Phil says:

    Is this information still correct as it appears to be from Oct 2009. Any changes???? Thanks.

  • admin says:

    Hello Iain. To our knowledge the procedure is the same as above.

  • Iain Armstrong says:


    Can anyone advise on what the procedure is for a motorcycle please?

    Thanks in advance.


  • admin says:

    Yeah – Guy’s been here for donkey’s years. Good fella. His website is I think. Natasha will be able to sort you out though.

    Ooh do say hello to Phil and Tracey for me. I’ve met Tracey and she’s on my Facebook… but I don’t think I’ve met Phil yet.

    Yeah… no doubt we’ll bump into each other once you’re home here again – be nice to put a face to the name.

    Good luck with everything… and if we can help, then just yell

    Elle xxxxx

  • Kris Jordan says:

    Hi Elle,
    Thanks so much for your speedy response. I’m terrible with names but if I saw Guy I might recognise him.
    I’m taking spanish lessons at the mo in the UK but I don’t think I’ll be good enough to go to Traffic.
    I’m coming over in June for a weeks holiday to sort things out. I always use to use Natasha from EBF Consulting. IDo you know her? What does Guy do? Has he got his own business?
    Thanks very much for your help.
    I’m sure one day our paths will cross.
    Phil and Tracey who have a villa in PB but live in Leicester say Hi.


  • admin says:

    Hiya Kris – and thanks for your kind words regarding the website. People sometimes ask after you (in a good way) on another of our websites. You’d gone before we sashayed over… so I can never answer them.
    I would not think it would need to be re-registered… but to cover yourself, in case by paying car tax in the UK they have been notified automatically, I’d have a natter to Trafico direct (how’s your Spanish?) or maybe speak to Guy Buske – do you remember him?
    Elle xx

  • Kris Jordan says:

    Hi Elle,
    First of all, what a great website.
    I use to live in Lanzarote and was the first owner of Legends Karaoke Bar in Punta Limones. Stupidly I returned to the UK in 2003.
    My GF and I are returning next Sept and need to know a bit of info.Can you help?
    In 1999 I purchased brand new in Arrecife a Hyundai Galloper 2.5Td 4X4 which is left hand drive.
    I drove it back to the UK in 2003 and registered it in the UK.I now intend to drive it back over in Sept.
    Any idea if I would have to re register it or not. I never told them that I was leaving and still have my Spanish plates.The car is in fantastic condition and would benifit me greatly in Lanzarote.
    Thanks for any help that you can give.

  • admin says:

    Absolutely – no problem with bringing mainland cars into Lanzarote – a friend of ours does it all the time.

    Elle xx

  • peter dalkin says:

    can I take a spanish reg car which i now own to lanzarote where i live?

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