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Health Centres and Hospitals in Lanzarote

Here is a useful list hospitals and health centres in Lanzarote.

Hospitals in Lanzarote
(Municipality. Name. Address. Telephone)
Arrecife. Hospital Insular de Lanzarote.  Juan de Quesada, s/n. 928810500
Arrecife. Hospital. Doctor José Molina Orasa Ctra.  Arrecife-Tinajo, km. 1,3 928595000
Tías. Hospiten Lanzarote. Lomo Gordo, s/n. 928596100

Health Centres in Lanzarote
(Municipality. Area. Address. Tel)
Arrecife 1. Titerroy. C/ La Carmen S/N. 928507097
Arrecife 1. Santa Coloma. C/ García Escaméz, Nº 120. 928597096
Arrecife 1. Playa Honda. C/ San Borondón, S/N. 928823745
Arrecife 2. Valterra. C/ Perez Galdos, S/N. 928597109
Haría. Mala. C/ Villa Nueva, Nº 39. 928529516
Haría. Haría. C/ La Cruz, Nº 18. 928835621
San Bartolomé / Tinajo. San Bartolomé. C/ Dr. Cerdeña Betancorts, Nº 7. 928522265
San Bartolomé / Tinajo. Tinajo. Plaza De San Roque, Nº 3. 928840445
Teguise. Teguise. Ctra. Teguise. – Los Valles, S/N. 928593006
Teguise. Tahiche. C/ Pérez Galdós, Nº 3. 928843702
Teguise. Teguise. Avda. Islas Canarias Cc Los Charcos, Local 39. 928590728
Teguise. La Graciosa. C/ Caleta Del Cebo, S/N. 928842027
Tías. Tías. C/ Victor González Gopar, S/N. 928524240
Tías. Puerto del Carmen. C/ Juan Carlos Primero, S/N. 928512711
Yaiza. Yaiza. Ctra. Yaiza – Playa Blanca, S/N. 928830190
Yaiza. Uga C/ Casa Del Médico De Uga 928836273
Yaiza. Playa Blanca Avda. Varadero, S/N 928517542

11 Responses to Health Centres and Hospitals in Lanzarote

  • rosey says:

    Hi, I have been living in lanazorte for a few months now and have been taking classes in spanish , I am a qualified general nurse and was hoping to get a job as a nurse here but cant seem to find the address to apply for my pin number any information would help …. also would my hons degree that I have from Northern Ireland qualify in Lanazorte
    Thanks, Rosey

  • admin says:

    Hello Janice. Currently the UK nursing qualifications don’t transfer to work in Spanish hopitals. Speak to your Mnagers and they should be able to advise what you need to do to make your quals useable. At the very least they can point you in the right direction.

    Good luck!

  • janice mc donagh says:

    Hi I was looking to move to lanzarote.but would like to know how to apply for a job.i currently work for the NHS in Scotland as an means dealing in the sterilisation and preparing in theatre instruments.any info would be greatly appreciated thanks Janice

  • Barbara Hudson says:

    Hi, I am trying to find the fax number for the General Hospital in Arrecife. I need to fax over some papers to the Lung Doctor but am having problems finding a fax for her. Thank you

  • admin says:

    Hello Kirsty. I don’t know the answer to your qwuestion I’m afraid… you would have to contact the hospitals direct. But you wuld certainly have to be fluent in Spanish too.

    Good luck!

    Elle xx

  • kirsty withers says:

    hi i am a qualified operating department practitioner with the health professions council and work in the operating theatre i was wondering if you could tell me if they recognize this qualification in lanzarote please

  • laura says:

    Thanks for that Elle x x

  • admin says:

    Hello Laura – and thank you for your kind words about the website.

    To be honest – learning Spanish will stand you in much better stead… as you may need to liase between the English speaker and the Spanish medical companies… even if you are at a surgery etc that targets English speakers.

    You could try speaking to Miguel at and asking his advice… but he may say much the same thing. I know that staff he has taken on over the past couple of years have all been able to speak at least Spanish as well as English… and at least one of them also speaks German (it’s her mother tongue).

    I don’t wish to shatter your dreams – but it is better to be prepared.

    Good luck!

    Elle xx

  • laura says:

    Hi Elle,
    Just found your website congrats its a great wealth of information. We are thinking of moving to lanzarote, myself my mam and my daughter. I am a qualified nurse I dont have the lingo but just wondering is there any private clinics/hospitals over there that deals with tourist’s that i could get a job and wouldn’t have the lanuage barrier.
    Thanks laura x

  • admin says:

    Hello Shari. Unfortunately we do not list job vacancies at this time. However, I would advise you contact the hospital direct. Definitely ensure that your Spanish is up to scratch too.

    Good luck, and do let us know how you get on.

    Elle x

  • Shari Burns says:

    Are any of the hospitals on Lanzarote looking for a qualified Echocardiographer?

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