Duty Free Allowances in the Canary Islands

Despite being part of the EU, the duty free allowance in Lanzarote is somewhat different.

The Canary Islands are much cheaper to buy tobacco, alcohol and perfume than anywhere else in the EU. However the duty free allowance is a lot lower.

The bargains are much more often found in the supermarkets, or specialist shops in the resorts, rather than the airport or on the plane itself.

So when travelling back to the UK  – these are the limits that apply.

Tobacco – 200 Cigarettes OR 250grms Tobacco OR 50 Cigars.
Alcohol – 1 Litre of Spirits OR 2 Litres of Sparkling or fortified wine, plus 2 litres of still wine.
60cc of Perfume OR 250cc of Eau de Toilet.

52 thoughts on “Duty Free Allowances in the Canary Islands”

  1. Hi Rachel. I’ve not seen Kenzo about… but if it’s available it will be in one of the main perfume shops in the pedestrianised area.

    Sorry but am in the middle of a housemove, so can’t pop down there I’m afraid. Tell them to haggle – don’t be shy about it.

    Elle xx

  2. Hi, my parents fly out to Lanzarote shortly and want to know if they would be able to buy Flower by Kenzo perfume in a red bottle and approx how much it would be for an average sized bottle 50ml . I can’t get hold of the red bottle version in the uk. Many thanks, Rachel

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