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Driving in an emergency…

Guardia CivilWe have mentioned this elsewhere but it is worth mentioning more specifically again…

It was quite a while after arriving in Lanzarote we heard about what we thought was a fantastic idea, when it comes to road etiquette. That could and perhaps should be applied anywhere including the UK!

Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, have to dash one of the kids to Accident and Emergency, or you´ve unexpectedly gone into labour – you are getting the picture now we’re sure…

If you lodge a white cloth of any kind – towel – t-shirt – rag – into the window of your car, turn on your headlights and your hazards you will effectively be treated as an emergency vehicle. The local drivers will give way to you, you will be permitted to speed – and we´ve even been told that if the Police see you that they are likely to offer you an escort. But they will stop you to find out what is happening, before offering their assistance. It’s a little gem really worth knowing in Lanzarote, and the rest of Spain.

We wouldn’t suggest abusing this just because you are in a hurry. We can only guess the penalties for abusing this common courtesy would be quite severe. And so they should be…

Also do remember the vast majority of the hire cars in Lanzarote are driven by UK and Irish holiday makers – don’t expect them to understand the meaning of the gesture and give way, so still drive carefully.

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