Congratulations Phil & Chrischi

We would like to congratulate two of our dearest friends in Lanzarote today… as they tied the knot at the Chapel Of Flowers in Las Vegas this morning.

Phil Burch and Chrischi Rehborn of Lanzarote Business Sales are well known on the Island, and their friends all wish them well.

Today’s date is very special for another reason too… as it is 09 /09/09… so no excuses for any of us (yes, including you Phil) forgetting their anniversary!

Our warmest wishes, and buckets of love for the happy couple. We shall see you both soon, when you arrive home in Playa Blanca – and will raise a good few glasses with you.

For anyone reading this article, that would like to watch the happy couple get wed – simply click on the photograph below. We are unsure how long the video is stored on the Chapel’s website… so have a look while you can.

Don’t they both look great?

Phil & Chrischi
Phil & Chrischi Burch. 09/09/09

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Phil & Chrischi”

  1. Welcome home guys! By the time you’ve caught up with everything this week… you’ll be ready for another holiday.

    See you both soon for drinkies and hugs!

    Elle xxxxxxxxx

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