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Applying for Residencia online (Teguise)

People living in the municipality of Teguise can now apply for Residency and their travel certificate free of charge from their own computers, at no cost

apply for residencia and certificate of travel online

The process is fully automated remote and is at zero cost to the applicant, who will receive the requested certification in just a few minutes and can print on their own computer.

For Daniel Morales, Councillor for New Technologies, this improvement in the catalogue of procedures for the Electronic Office is a positive one: “We are the second** district on the Island in facilitating these certificates of registration and travel. It is especially important because, for example, from September the number of requests for travel certificates will go up exponentially, “he adds. Morales also anticipates that other new procedures will be introduced in the coming weeks.

A simple procedure at home

To access this procedure, users must register with electronic certification. The Online Office of the City of Teguise is accessed through a link on the home page, or directly through You will need some help from someone who speaks Spanish, if you are unable to understand it yourself.

The City of Teguise has had the technical collaboration of a regional company dedicated to the field of Technologies of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

“The experience of public life allows us to optimize all possible synergies to strengthen processes, tools and institutions more transparent, more effective and designed to meet citizens’ demands,” said Manuel Luengo, Galileo company’s technical and engineering services.


** Sorry, but we do not know which the other municipality is as yet.

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