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Another Hiperdino Opens in Playa Blanca – Nov 2009

Supermarkets in Playa Blanca are often the subject for conversation in various Lanzarote forums and on travel sites on the web.

Supermarkets in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Supermarkets in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Hiperdino is well regarded as the best place in the town to do your main shopping. The original store (opened 2006) is located on the dual carriageway from the harbour to the town centre (directions at the end of this article).

Netto is considered a cheap place to shop in the UK… but is well known in Lanzarote as expensive… charging what are referred to as “tourist prices”.  However in 2009, many of these all over Lanzarote started rebranding as “Hiperdino Express”, which are cheaper than Netto… but not quite as cheap as the normal Hiperdinos.

We heard recently that the Netto situated at the eastern end of Playa Blanca was to become a Hiperdino – and many of us assumed it would be a Hiperdino Express. Not so! Alan has been up there today (it’s very close to our home) and it’s actually a normal Hiperdino. A few quick price checks… and yes, the prices are the same as the one in town with only a couple of exceptions.

There are also a huge amount of introductory offers – so get down there and snap up some bargains. There is also a deli in there no.

For residents and visitors to the eastern end of Playa Blanca, this is fantastic news… especially if you do not have a car… as cheaper shopping now doesn’t involve a hike into town.

Directions to the central Hiperdino

1. In a car… travel along the dual carriageway from the bus station end, and when you reach the harbour roundabout, take the last exit (as if you are coming back on yourself). You will see a turning on your right.. almost like the road is splitting. Take that right turn and follow the road until the corrugated orn wall ends. Turn left there, and immediately right into the underground car park. Parking is free here for up to an hour, as long as you get your ticket stamped in Hiperdino for a purchase of 6 euros or more.

2. On foot… from the Post Office (Correos) road. With the Correos on your left, take the first right turn (Chinese shop on the corner). Then first left (Aromas Restaurant opposite you). Then first right and Hipredino is diagonally opposite you.

Directions to new Hiperdino at eastern end of Playa Blanca

Come through the town centre out to towards the Marina. Instead of turning right at the roundabout to go to the marina, go straight on. At the next roundabout (you’ll see some brown stone clad homes here) bear right and follow the road. Turn right at the next roundabout and the new Hiperdino is on the right. Plenty of free parking around.

This PLAYA BLANCA MAP shows the supermarkets in Playa Blanca (and other useful landmarks in the town) – zoom in to find your way around.

4 Responses to Another Hiperdino Opens in Playa Blanca – Nov 2009

  • admin says:

    Hello Terry. The numbers in blue show that there is more than one site of interest in an area – and you will need to zoom in to see what they are. Look at the left hand end of Calle del Correillo – uner the yellow road on the map. Zoom in on the numbers and it is there.

  • Terry Guinan says:

    Hi, I too cannot find the Hiperdino, in the town centre, on your map. Can you help?

    Many Thanks,


  • admin says:

    Hi Becca – have you looked at the map in the link, love? You can zoom in and out. The one at the esatern end is on the opposite side of the road as Iberostar Papagayo Hotel… just closer to the mini roundabout.

    The one by the town centre is the bigger and slightly better one – but both are fine.

    Elle xx

  • Becca says:

    Hi, slightly confused by the directions to the hiperdinos. I can find one on google maps using street view (I believe it is the one to the east of playa blanca (it is pretty much next to a spa)?
    I can’t seem to find the other one on a map?
    could you also tell me which one is bigger/better?
    thank you

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