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5 Reasons Why Lanzarote is Better That The UK at Christmas

We were pleased to receive an email from Joe the other day… a regular visitor to Lanzarote. He wondered if he could write us an article about why he holidays in Lanzarote each Christmas, instead of staying at home in the UK… in return for a small text link. We were happy to oblige. Enjoy reading!

Christmas in the UK; gloomy weather, glutinous over-eating leading to expanding waistlines, bank-accounts running dry, and hours spent lethargically watching hours of repeated television programmes with relatives you barely know, let alone like. Although the promise of Christmas is one to be savoured, the reality often fails to live to to the hype. Many would banish the thought of jetting off at this time of year, for fear of offending family members, or leaving otherwise isolated individuals out in the cold; but there are genuine alternatives to spending another lacklustre Christmas holiday period in the UK.

One such location is Lanzarote, one of the most popular Canary islands located off the coast of Africa, this is hardly a place that’s synonymous with Christmas, but for me, it has become everything that the holiday period should embody: calm, relaxation and fun. Here are five reasons why you should spend your time on this little island in the Atlantic, instead of in the UK.

1.The Weather

All summer long, we yearn for sun… although we can only dream of the temperatures that Lanzarote enjoys year-round. Of course Summer never quite arrives on our shores in its full glory. It would be reasonable then to at least expect some snow at Christmas, but unfortunately we’re more often than not denied this as well.

Even in the depths of winter, you can be confident that Lanzarote is warm enough to forget it’s Christmas, and be able to return home with a glowing tan (much to the dismay of pasty Christmas revellers). Just imagine basking in the warm afternoon sun, completely oblivious to the fact that you’d otherwise be huddled round a fire or slaving over an oven

2.Relaxed Atmosphere

In the UK, you’re almost made to feel like some kind of martyr if you haven’t sourced your Turkey from a local farm and spent every evening since October formatting spreadsheets with all your Christmas card recipients. This certainly isn’t the case in Lanzarote, in fact, you’d be lucky to spot one solitary bauble. You may receive the odd knowing nod from resort staff on the day but there’s no obligation to wish good tidings to every passing stranger. Bliss.

3.The Food

Ok, so we all like pigs wrapped in blankets, that’s clearly a given. Aside from these perfect pork parcels however, is there really that much to shout about Christmas food? Dry Turkey, Brussel sprouts and endless tins of Quality Street don’t seem to inspire us for the other 11 months of the year, so why at Christmas? In Lanzarote you can enjoy all kinds of fresh local delicacies such as;

  • TapasSmall tasting dishes e.g. Tortilla, Metaballs, Prawns in Garlic Sauce
  • Patatas Bravas – Potatoes with tangy green and red ‘mojo’ sauce
  • Sea Bass – Freshly caught

Better than Turkey any day!

4.The Opportunity to Stay Active

Of course, if you want to remain motionless while soaking up the rays, Lanzarote is the perfect place to do it. The reason many people flee the UK at Christmas however is to escape the perceived wisdom that one’s rear-end should remain firmly planted in favourite armchair for the duration of the Christmas period, which seems to increase in length each year.

Lanazarote is the perfect place to indulge your active side (if you have one) with specialised sports resorts like Club La Santa offering dozens of activities, hilly, smooth roads that are perfect for cycling, and lively tides that will delight wind surfers (and horrify channel surfers).

5.Hiding From the Relatives

When asked, most people cite ‘seeing relatives’ as one of their favourite things about Christmas, although in reality this usually isn’t true. Most of us rue having to interact with people we doesn’t necessarily like – but we make the effort for Christmas. Lanzarote is two and a half thousand miles away from the UK, meaning aunt Nora and uncle Bob can’t irritate you with their incessant tales about their camping trip in Bognor.

Of course if you do happen to have any relatives you do like, you could take them with you!

Joe is a ‘ba-humbug’ who hates Christmas and is looking forward to spending this December taking Lanzarote holidays.

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