Lanzarote Weather

Lanzarote Weather By searching the web you will find many links to weather values for areas on the island but the official data will come from the Airport figures, as their instruments have to be regularly maintained and calibrated.  This is not true of other various private weather stations or reports. The Climate Lanzarote enjoys a mild climate with year round sunshine. The Canaries are in the temperate zone of the… Read Article →

What Does it Take ?

What Does it Take ? MountainMoving to, emigrating to, relocating to Lanzarote – whichever way you put it, it sounds a big deal. For some it is, for others, which I guess we fall into the category it´s easy. Everyone has their reasons. For us it was just a change of lifestyle we wanted – less work stress, less traffic, less crime, less taxes (UK taxes are just turning into… Read Article →

Shopping in Lanzarote

Shopping in Lanzarote As any cooking fan knows, a supermarket is essential for those culinary delights we whip up in the kitchen. However, there are no Tescos, Sainsburys or Waitrose stores here. So what about the supermarkets in Lanzarote? Can you buy all those little necessities? And what about British teabags.. or disposable nappies… Q: Will I find a decent supermarket in Lanzarote? A: Yes! Every resort has got a… Read Article →


Telefonica If you’re moving to Lanzarote, and will need of a telephone line. Be ready for problems whether renting or buying a property! If like us you are in a situation where you need a phone line to run your business it’s pretty unlikely you can get a line without having to deal with Telefonica. (There are alternatives starting to appear in Lanzarote, but it’s early day and we don’t… Read Article →