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cost of living in lanzaroteLanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

Hello, and welcome to our Lanzarote blog – all tips and information about moving to Lanzarote! We are Alan and Elle, who lived on this beautiful island  – the town of Playa Blanca to be precise – September 2006 until September 2012. We decided we’d set up this Blog to provide some useful, unbiased Lanzarote information and advice for those who might be considering emigrating or relocating to Lanzarote themselves – but also with helpful stuff for people already living on the island. We still have very strong ties with the Island even though we live in mainland Spain. We have family still living there, and our web design business is still growing fast with new Lanzarote clients joining us all the time.

Elle and Alan Living in Lanzarote

In our time here, and before we moved here, we had the practical help and moral support of a number of good people on the Island which helped us immensely. And, since arriving, we’ve done our best to help others too… The move is so much easier with a bit of support from people already on the island, and it doesn’t take too much effort on our part to help others out. We spent a lot of time on Lanzarote forums before making the move, getting to know people, and doing our research. It’s a great place to get started… But we decided to write this Blog to, over time, provide a simple resource in one simple place by dropping in articles, useful snippets, general information, interlaced with a few of our personal experiences of living in Lanzarote – good and bad…. Also, should you want to throw us any specific questions we’ll also use those to direct future content (just add a comment somewhere or send us an email). We don’t translate from the local papers as we wouldn’t insult your intelligence… you can translate those easily enough yourselves using Google.  We hope you enjoy what we put together as it has taken shape.

We’re not trying to sell you anything (well, strictly speaking that’s not entirely true, we do have a Spain web design and marketing business, so we’d hope you’d want to talk to us about that if you’re setting up business), but it’s not our intention to push that through this site, we don’t have an agenda, this is just something of a hobby for us… (we have never got around to having Sky fitted so don’t watch much TV!)

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Here’s our top ten tips, they might sound cynical – but you’ll learn soon enough,

  1. Take the rose tinted glasses off – it’s not as easy as you might think…
  2. Make sure you have enough money to tide you over until you get on your feet…
  3. Do your research… and shop around.
  4. Don’t rush into buying a Lanzarote property until you are sure you’ve done the right thing…
  5. It’s not one big holiday – and, if you’re used to coming here on holiday, you’ll find living here quite different…
  6. If you have to work for a living, it’s unlikely in most cases you’ll be able to stay in your existing profession – many occupations will be closed to you unless your Spanish is fluent… (Have a look at our Jobs in Lanzarote page). Very few people earn what they could in the UK, wages are poor by comparison…
  7. If you need to travel back to the UK or Ireland, then shop online. For example, for great deals on cheap flights try
  8. Try to learn the Spanish lingo – it’s hard work, but you’ll notice the difference in the way you get treated – it’s good manners to try to speak the language, no matter how little you know. Remember, the days of the Empire are gone – we are the ‘immigrants’ here…
  9. It’s wise to listen to personal recommendations – as ‘back home’, there are sharks and not everyone is what they seem…
  10. Mañana means exactly that, you’re simply going to have to get used to it…

Perhaps that all sounds a little pessimistic, but if you do choose to make the move you’ll thank us for it – as we have thanked others for the same advice since we arrived.

We do not accept any paying advertisers on this blog site (simply a small amount of affiliate links, which help to fund the site)  – and so would like to thank those individuals that have provided informative articles for us free of charge, in order to help those of you contemplating relocating to Lanzarote. We receive NO financial payments from Estate Agents, or other companies based on this island for mentioning them or their services, for any articles supplied, or for any introductions made. If you are feeling generous – our PayPal address is but do not feel under any obligation – this is done for FREE!

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If you’re still thinking of moving to Lanzarote – good luck! We hope you find our ramblings useful…

Alan and Elle xx

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